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My Memories

vanessafridalj [at] gmail [dot] com

16 January 1978
Ok...a honest description of myself in a summary. A tough cookie when you first meet me...but after I have warmed up to you, you will realise it is all just an act, and actually I am a KID who loves God, her family and friends heaps and heaps.

An average Singaporean girl, who tries to juggle her career and home. Love "hanging out" in the kitchen, and sometimes I come up with very strange recipes. Recently I have started exercising in a bid to get healthy and to lose weight. (Been whipping up too many delicious dishes that I have piled on the weight) It has been a pretty fruitful journey…I have shed quite a few pounds, I am a lot more alert, and happier in general. All thanks to what I affectionately term the E (endorphin) rush.

Some of my older recipes are on the sinful side, but I have had to watch what I cook more now because my dad suffered a mild heart attack in March 2009, and I am trying to cook healthier meals that is good for him. So far, I have been quite successful in my creating some yummy dishes that is still healthy. Dad’s weight is slowly going up which is good. I just have to make sure my weight stays down.

Recipes found here will be simple in all sense of the word. Simple preparation, simple photography. I just want to help others if they have an interest in cooking/baking. Most of the recipes here are stuff I whipped up after work. So from doing the grocery shopping for it after work to sitting down for the meal, it doesn't take more than 2 hours. Lets face it...after work...the last thing anyone wants is to be slaving in the kitchen for hours. But it is possible to whip up a simple meal...and it is always better to eat a home cooked meal.

If you wanna get in touch with me, you can email at vanessafridalj@gmail.com . I do try and reply to all emails.

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