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Qi Mantra

I have been searching for a good spa for ages in Singapore.  I have tried HEAPS and I really mean HEAPS and they have not met my needs.

Now I think the right spa is a very personal thing.  Some like their massages hard, some like it soft.  Personally I like it hard, and i like it when they go for the pressure points and they sort out the kinks in my body, mainly my neck, shoulder and upper back.  Massages that just go over these areas quickly drive me mental.

A perfect example of that is one of my massages in Bali.  I got so upset after the two hour massage.  Within half of hour of that massage I was already planning my next one because I was just so disappointed.  It helped that massages are really cheap in Bali.  I think they average around SG$35 for two hours.

Well my search for a spa in Singapore is OVER.  I found my haven.  Qi Mantra.  One friday last month, i chanced upon a Qi Mantra in Holland V.  I have heard heaps of good things about them from various friends, but i just never tried it for various reasons.  Walked in, and I was in luck!  They were having a promotion because it is a new outlet and they had a slot free!! Fantabulous!!

I walked out of the place an hour later feeling so much lighter and so contented.  They worked out a tonne of my kinks, and I realised one reason why I have been having so many headaches was because of a kink i had in my shoulder...! 

Well last night, I bit the bullet... a colleague and I went down to Qi Mantra at Club Street, and we are sharing a package.  So each one of us have 5 pre-paid massages at any of their outlets.  Of course we had a massage last night too.... .

I slept like a baby last night...and i feel physically great today.  I am sure the exercise is helping too :).  

btw we were craving a nice relaxing meal after the massage.  We walked to Les Bouchons...unfortunately they were FULL.  Moral of the story...make sure you make a reservation with them before you actually drop in. 
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