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The spamming on LJ is driving me nuts...i will still come on to read my friends post but all my posting will be done here :) 
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Taking A Big Leap!

I have taken a huge leap.... I have always dreamed of owning a maisonette.....and well...in less than 10-days...that dream is going to
come true....I will be signing on the dotted line.

It is all very exciting....We have been surfing the web, pouring through ID magazines for ideas.  We are also meeting our first potential interior decorator this weekend! 

Naturally, the decor will be built from the kitchen out...and I think i will have a walk-in pantry!  Most girls will want a walk-in wardrobe...but not me!  It has to be a walk-in pantry.  Oh the options!  But first...sharing the floor plan!
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Trying to be healthy

It has been ages since I exercised. Between juggling work, cooking classes, column writing and spending time with loved ones, I must admit that I have allowed exercise to take a back seat. Very bad.

Well today, I hauled my unfit body out for a run. Just 5km, but it's a start. Strolled to the shops after and made this yummy and hearty salad.

Fresh herbs, baby spinach, sauté mushrooms and flash seared steam. It's a good day... Time to finish my glass of red...and visit mr sandman.

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A Chef's Table Organises By Me

The great thing about Chef's Table is meeting the different attendees, and so far they have all been very different but one thing remains the same. They are people who just enjoy good food in a private setting.... .

It was fun explaining to them the different ingredients used for each dish, and how much love and effort is put in. Watching everyone go suddenly quiet while tucking in their food always amuses me...it shows they are enjoying it...lovely!

Culinary-ness Champagne Cocktail (complimentary)
Slow Braised Pork Belly topped with Almond Cream (Complimentary)
Thai Beef Salad
Truffle Scented Cream of Mushroom Soup
Lamb cutlets with Miso Foie Gras Sauce with Roasted Garlic Mash
Chocolate Kahlua Cake with Kahlua Sauce

11 Sep 2011

(Shot by Gideon Koh Photography)

A sit down plated 12 pax private Chef's Table.
Chef Table's Personalised Menu

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100% Hands On Couples Only Session: Cooking Brunch Together

Want to do something fun and different with your significant other? Have you ever wanted to help the chef out in the kitchen or maybe cook a
hearty brunch with your partner but don't know where to start?

Well worry no more, because CulinaryNess wants you to cook with her. No matter what your past cooking experience has been, she encourages each guests to participate in the preparation of this six-course brunch.

1) Eggs Benedict
2) Tomato Bisque
3) French Duck Salad
4) Eggs Cocotte with Cheese Solders
5) Lemongrass Skewered Prawns
6) Chocolate brownies

For this brunch menu, couples will break away with another pair to whip up ONE of the SIX brunch courses or work with another three couples if it is a little more complex.

All this was will be achieved under her guidance but it allows each couple to take ownership of a dish, it is 100% hands on. All this is done while guests enjoy their favorite wine or bubbly, laughs at each other’s cooking stories.

After the dishes are done, CulinaryNess will add the finishing touches to the meal, then it's plated and served.

Everyone will walkaway with a happy tummy...a set of all six recipes and a new brunch menu repertoire under the belt.

Email vanessa@culinaryness.com for the registration form. (The form was developed to help assess you and your partner’s cooking skills in order to find an appropriate group session suitable for you)

Cost: The cost will be $75nett per pax. (introductory rate).

This covers the six-course brunch, 2 glasses of complimentary special Culinary-Ness alcoholic cocktail, recipe handouts and a unique
experience tailored for couples only. (Culinary-Ness's unique speed date session is priced at S$85nett per pax. This special introductory
rate is for this couples only session)

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Things to be thankful about:

My very own newspaper column. I get to write what I want about food

Three columns published... Nine more to go

Catching dad reading my column

Boyfriend sends a picture of my column every Sunday, so it's the first thing I see when I wake up

Heaps of supportive friends who encourage me on my foodie journey on my Facebook page "culinary-ness"

Loving the fan mail I'm getting for my columns

Life is good

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Get Fat!

Review: Kilo

Located just above Loysel's Toy, I have heard heaps of good things about this restaurant, and finally made it there last night. I have heard how great the dishes were, how "cool and industrial" the space was, good service and more importantly the new restaurant opened by the guy that brought us Raw.

Interesting space. I can understand why it is open only in the evenings (with the exception of Sunday). It isn't airconditioned, and could get quite warm during the day. But it is an interesting space. Almost like being at someone's home!

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Add: 66 Kampong Bugis, #02-01, Singapore 338987
Tel: +65 64673987
Opening Hours: Tues - Sat:18:00-00:00, Sun:11:00-15:00
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